The Center for Holistic Health and Hormone Therapy is an attempt at launching a new and informative website with the objective of empowering proactive individuals to take charge of their health by providing them with comprehensive evidence based medical information in the form of an interactive and virtual medical library which houses the most current information on women’s wellness and well being. Because medical appointments are not always conducive to the time element we would ideally like to have when attempting to educate and share knowledge and clinical experiences this website offers a mechanism for health information exchange that is intended to be interactive and directly reaches out to the patient population in leisurely fashion that is in no way time constrained. This website is intended to present valuable health information to website visitors on bio-identical hormones, alternative medicine, menopause, and women’s wellness and screening.

Dr. Edward J. Williams, FACOG, NCMP, MHA

Dr. Edward J. Williams, FACOG, NCMP, MHA

The Center for Holistic Health and Hormone Therapy is the brain child of Dr. Ed Williams, who is committed to continuously researching and sharing the latest health information. It is intended to offer clients candid, unbiased, and evidence based information from the most current and most reputable resources. Dr. Williams. is a leading expert and a certified menopausal clinician in the fields of alternative medicine, bio-identical hormones, natural bio-identical hormone replacement .

The Center for Holistic Health and Hormone Therapy website is the result of Dr. Williams’ background in osteopathic medicine and his expertise in women’s health. It represents a commitment to holistic health based on alternative but current medical approaches and utilizes a dynamic and complementary approach to women’s wellness and prevention. After years of medical practice he realized some of the limited options that traditional medicine provided. Actively listening to the personal needs of his patient population and establishing strong committed relationships with them, this became the force for him wanting to maximize all he could on the patients’ behalf and focus on alternative approaches and additional means of educating and enhancing women’s wellness by expanding the resources he was currently able to offer women.

We are living in an ever evolving technologically advanced society with the field of medicine extremely focused an electronic means of housing and exchanging healthcare information with electronic health records at the forefront of healthcare reform. As a result of this era of change this website allows for an alternative means of remaining proactive in educating and engaging the female population at large. It allows women to remain current and proactive about their health and wellness allowing patients to learn every step of the way.

“Everyone deserves to experience the wealth and richness of knowledge especially when it comes to their health…so leap forward, get healthy and feel great.”
~Dr. Williams