Healthy Snacks to Replace Those Unhealthy Snacks!

healthy snacksHere is a list of healthy snacks that you can try.  These snacks are great because they give you some options which will prevent boredom.  Look over this list.  Then, get all of the other snacks that you have, out of your house so that these can fill your shelves!  Make this a change for the whole family.  All of these snacks are 20g of carbs or less.

Light microwave popcorn

Yogurt with less than 15 g CHO

Celery sticks with low-fat veggie cream cheese

Frozen grapes

Frozen banana slices

100% juice pop

Peanut butter on 100% whole wheat bread

Apple and low-fat (Laughing Cow) cheese

Baby carrots with hummus

Rice cakes with Peanut butter

Whole wheat Tortilla (4”) with refried beans

Tortilla chips and tuna fish

Mini English Muffin Pizza

Vegetable soup

Baked sweet potato with cinnamon

Serving Size
3 cups


8 sticks and 1oz cream cheese



4oz homemade

1 slice bread

½ apple and 1oz cheese

12 carrots and 3 Tbsp hummus

7 mini rice cakes or 1 large

1-4” with ¼ cup beans

8 baked tortillas and ½ can tuna

½ muffin

1 cup

1-3oz potato

Joanne Rinker MS, RD, CDE, LDN